There is a tragic side of service that free men and women never see. We know it’s there, at the periphery of our consciousness; the side we tuck away and refuse to acknowledge, for we cannot stand to reflect upon it when our loved ones are in harms way. It is that truth that I want you now to turn yours eyes to. To these mortals, these mighty few, that give everything, that we may live free. Once the cameras leave, and the nation scabs over her wound. When her warriors breathe their last on our behalf; they are left. These wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. What of them? We. We are for them. We shall take up and carry the mantle. We shall do what is necessary. We many, we sad, we proud! We shall uplift those that gave of their own flesh and blood, that we might live free.

The McClintock foundation is a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit. We exist to answer one simple call. To help our Special Operations families when they come under a time of need. If you know of a family in need or your family is in need please submit a request for aid